“Quit being who you were.”

Last week I opened up instagram and stumbled upon a lovely little nugget of truth. There, nestled between photos of friends at the beach, was this inspiration from Bob Goff:


“Quit being who you were.” Yikes. That’ll get you in the gut. God, much like the always awesome Bob, has a way of dropping these one-liners into our hearts at exactly the right time. Before seeing this photo and experiencing the heart-check that came with it, I was taking the beginning steps down a bad path. Continue reading


start living.

go adventure

These last few weeks have been rough. My creativity is completely gone. Motivation has flown out the window. Test grades came back and they weren’t pretty. Homework keeps piling up. Every step I’ve been faced with so many of the “could go wrongs.” I’m tired. Deep inside of me I know that “well, that’s how college goes” doesn’t cut it anymore. This is more.

Sometimes life hits us full force. Most of the time its an out-of-nowhere spill of emotion that leaves us crying in the middle of the printmaking studio (wait… was that just me?). I want to be real with you guys – life is messy. My life is messy. Your life is messy. Human life is messy. Too often this messiness shows its face in the middle of a good season. Compared to last semester, I’ve been doing very well since coming back to school in January. Daily devotions are a priority – something I look forward to every morning. My sleep schedule is back on track (I actually sleep when it’s dark outside now!) I’ve been working out, creating deeper friendship with the girls I love, and finding my niche at Westmont. Life is SO good. Continue reading

Create Space.

Version 2

When I was in high school, my mom used to constantly tell me to create margin in my life. It drove me crazy. Why not pack my social, work, and school calendars as full as they can? I’ll be fine right? The FOMO was too real. As usual, momma k was right. I needed margin in my life in order to maintain health and balance, and to accomplish everything on my to-do list. If I scheduled things the way I wanted to, nothing could go wrong. A spot of unpredicted traffic or a longer-than-usual Starbucks line would mess up my whole day. I needed to create proper boundaries and priorities. It’s a lesson I’m still learning, but one I’m so grateful my mom pressed onto me when I was young.

The same can be said of our relationship with Christ. Too often we create time for Christ within our schedule. Instead of making a relationship with Christ the center of our focus, we make it another box to check. It’s a constant struggle Christians face. We ask ourselves “am I just going through the motions?” or “how am I placing Christ at the center of that issue?” It’s tough, believe me. I know. As a college student I face this battle everyday. I have watched more and more of my friends walk away from their faith in the past six months than ever before. The statistics are staggering. The personal experiences are heart-wrenching. Continue reading

When Motivation Begins to Fade

Today marks the beginning of the third week of January and let me tell you – 2016 is going to be awesome. This month has been a whirlwind of adventures, creativity, friendship, and excitement all mashed together. I’ve tapped into new motivation, newfound passions, and been committed to my health and wellness. It feels good to know that I have control over the decisions I make, and to choose to make the good ones. I love that I’ve been eating healthy, completing more commissions, and discovering a newfound appreciation for learning. Life is good, my friends, and I’m stoked to be finding a new voice.

But what happens with the next eleven months of the year? Right about now is when we start to come off the high. Once we hit February, our motivation begins waning. Some of us are already forgetting the resolutions we made just a short 18 days ago. So how do we keep the January hype? How do we remain motivated and attached to our goals? Here are some tried-and-true tips to keep your motivation on track. Continue reading

Look Up.

My Dad loves road trips. Always has. Every Father’s Day, we all pile into the car and drive. We never know where we’re going, what to bring, or when our next meal will be. Sometimes Dad doesn’t even know. Every year, in spite of Mom’s anxiety and the ever-growing hunger of the little ones, we have a spectacular time. As we’re driving through a beautiful countryside, along the coast of the Pacific, or through a meadow in the middle of nowhere, Dad always calls back “Fill up your eyes, kids!” Such a goodie. His Dad used to say that to him during their road trips, and now he’s passed it on to us. Too often we’ve got our nose in a sketchbook, eyes closed sleeping, or minds focused on our phones. There is so much beauty, friendship, and discovery to be had if we would just take time to look up.

An older couple visiting from the east coast were sitting next to me on the train home a few weeks ago. I love talking with people like them. Not only are they enthralled by every foreign aspect of California living, they’re also looking. They don’t have their faces down, they aren’t looking at their phones. They’re asking me questions about the ocean, the flowers, and the landscape. Curiosity is beautifully inspiring. Continue reading

New Beginnings.

I just finished finals week at Westmont and let me tell you, I’m glad that’s over. Sitting on a train headed home, I finally have a chance to breathe. In some ways this feels like the first time I’ve truly relaxed in four months. This past week I have been reflecting on my first semester of college. A lot has changed, that’s for sure. New friends, new stories, new struggles… much of my life has been largely affected since leaving home in August. My first reaction? Boy that went fast. I look back on my time at Westmont and see that every moment is precious. They tell you to cherish days like this, because they only happen once. That’s something I won’t fully understand until I’ve graduated, but this semester has helped me see that time moves awfully quick. Continue reading